If the Shoe Fits…

by articulatenyc

When Dogs Fly, Skewville

On Friday night, Bushwick gallery Factory Fresh held an opening for their new exhibition, Skewville’s 80th Birthday: A Retro Retrospective. Skewville is an artist partnership comprised of two twin brothers who have been creating inventive street art for the past 13 years.  The duo is perhaps  best known for their sneaker project, When Dogs Fly, in which the artists toss painted wooden sneakers (pictured above) over telephone lines in cities across the world. In addition to the sneakers, the exhibition also features signs, stampers, paintings and installations, many boasting tongue-in-cheek witticisms or wry (pot-related) wordplay. The exhibition is a friendly reminder to all of us that the Bushwick art scene (and perhaps stoner culture as well) is not only alive, but continuing to grow and evolve. Skewville’s 80th Birthday: A Retro Retrospective runs through March 11, 2012.