Checking for a PULSE

View of Tinkebell’s My Little Pony in the TORCH gallery booth at PULSE.

“I did make a purse out of my cat”, said controversial Dutch artist Katinka Simonse in her recent interview with the Huffington Post. Simonse, also known as Tinkebell, has garnered an unsavory reputation for the questionable use of taxidermy animals in her artwork.  She has created pieces using the dismembered and manipulated bodies of cuddly creatures like kittens and bunnies in an effort to comment on the commodification and exploitation of pets in contemporary culture. In her latest (Cattelan-esque) work, My Little Pony (2012), the artist outfitted a taxidermy horse in retro pink and white roller blades, turning a beloved childhood toy into a garish, tawdry reality.

Though I can’t comment on the provenance of the actual horse used by Tinkebell for her Xanadu pony, I can say with certainty that the piece was a crowd favorite at the PULSE preview yesterday morning. Other fair highlights included Inner Course’s sexy, silly performance and installation Knowing Me, Knowing You, (2012). For the piece the artist duo—who donned heels, corsets, and platinum blonde wigs—invited individual fair attendees into a booth to discuss their issues and create their own art projects.

PULSE New York is open through Sunday, May 6.