Brancusi & Brain Waves: 3-D Printing Goes to the Museum

by articulatenyc

Out of Hand
“How comfortable is the term ‘comfort’?” asks Ron Labaco, a curator at the Museum of Arts and Design in New York. His question is in reference to the 2010 creation Brain Wave Sofa by Lucas Maassen and Dries Verbruggen from the Belgian design team Unfold. For the piece, Maassen used an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor his brain waves while he closed his eyes and thought of the word “comfort.” Software translated the data into a three-dimensional image, and the designers programmed a computerized milling machine, called a CNC mill, to carve a foam replica of that image to use as the foundation for the couch.

Brain Wave Sofa is one of more than 100 pieces featured in “Out of Hand: Materializing the Postdigital.” Opening at MAD on October 16, the exhibition showcases works of art, fashion, furniture, and architecture that have been constructed with 3-D printing and CNC milling devices. Read more on!